Caramelised onion and beetroot relish

We pulled out the last of our beetroot patch a while ago and apart from gloriously roasting them or making my divine chocolate beetroot cake; I’ve decided to make a relish with the remaining small bulbed beetroot and to pickle the rest; ensuring that my family can enjoy our beetroot until the next spring harvest….

Delicious homemade strawberry jam

My family recently went strawberry picking at a farm not too far from home. We had so much fun picking and eating loads of fresh sweet strawberries that I’m sure it will become an annual family tradition. The only problem of course is that we ended up with around 6 kg (13.2 pounds) of strawberries…

Creamy Nutella liqueur – just in time for Christmas

Are you a fan of Nutella and vodka? Well have I got the liqueur recipe for you! It’s super easy to make which means you get to drink it in no time at all, and it also makes perfect gifts at Christmas for all your like minded Nutella and vodka friends!! This recipe was adapted…

Lollipop flowers

There’s a school tradition that when it’s your child’s birthday, you send something in for your child to share with their class to help celebrate their birthday. Now if I’m perfectly honest, contemplating and preparing these gifts send shivers of fear down my spine! Last year I made and iced thirty cupcakes for my daughter…

Homemade Mulberry Jam

It’s mulberry season and the neighbourhood tree is teeming with juicy and sweet purple fruit. I have fond memories of mulberry picking as a child, getting covered in purple stains while stuffing my mouth. Our neighbourhood tree is on a vacant block across the road from our house and is at least five metres high….