Hi, my name is Amy, I’m a mother of two gorgeous girls born three years apart. I primarily started this blog to keep myself sane while off work on parental leave. Isolation and extreme boredom caring for a newborn can get most women down. I love and adore my girls, but my brain needs to tick over occasionally. This blog also allows me to express myself creatively via food and craft and diy projects which nourishes my soul and makes me happy.

My food philosophy¬†is simple. I love growing, making and baking, decorating and of course eating food! I love locally produced fresh and organic ingredients cooked simply. I also love food photography or ‘food porn’, but I’m still learning a lot as I go along.

Crafty and DIY projects make me happy. I’ve always needed to produce and make things with my hands. And what better way than making practical things for my children or home! I also love being able to repurpose or recycle items that would just end up in landfill.

What is ‘the mummy track’? It’s a phrase used to describe what often happens to women who exit the workforce to have children and their experience when they return to work. These often include a lack of career development, promotional opportunity and general exclusion from workplace participation.

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    Thanks for the follow Amy!

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