Soothing fizzy bath bombs

I love bath bombs from Lush; they smell divine, look spectacular and sooth your tired muscles! What’s not to love? My daughter’s especially love how they swirl and make the bath water sparkle and change colour. As a holiday project, we decided to try and make our own bath bombs, which are definitely a lot cheaper than Lush bath bombs and just in time for Mother’s Day too. Recipe from

What you need

  • 1 cup baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1/3 cup corn flour/starch
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
  • large bowl and spoon
  • bath bomb mould or other small containers that can be used as moulds


The above ingredients make the basic mix for bath bombs. You can then add whatever essential oils and food colourings you wish. You can make single type bath bombs or be adventurous and layer rainbow colours. The mix should make 4 large bath bombs. I didn’t buy a special bath bomb mould, but used containers my children had lying around, such as LOL doll balls. You can also use muffin or cupcake baking tins.

We decided to make 3 different types, so we equally divided the mix between three bowls and added the essential oils and food colourings below.

Mermaid sparkle bath bomb

  • 2 tbsp edible food grade glitter (you can use normal glitter if you wish)
  • 3 drops of blue food colour gel
  • 2 drops of green food colour gel
  • 10 drops of ylang ylang essential oil

Sweet dreams lavender bath bomb

  • 5 drops purple food colour gel
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1 tbsp lavender flowers crushed

Tickled pink bath bomb

  • 5 drops pink food colour gel
  • 6 drops ylang ylang, 4 drops lavender and 2 drops patchouli essential oils

Once your bath bomb mix is well combined, it should clump together if squeezed in your hand. If your mix doesn’t clump and falls apart, you can add a tiny bit of water. Start by only adding 1/4 teaspoon of water, as any water will make the mix start to fizz and foam. Stir through and try to clump the mix again. You can add another 1/4 teaspoon of water if you need to.


Start to fill your mould and press the mix down hard. I filled two halves of my mould and screwed them together. However, as they screwed together, I ended up having to twist them apart once they were dry and broke them in half again…not that it mattered really!


Leave them to dry for 24 hours before removing and using.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women I know – you inspire me, make me laugh and keep me going!


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