Plush toy snakes for little people

I’ve made these cute plush toy snakes for little people before. They are wonderful for kids to wear as scarfs or use as neck or body pillows or even just to be dragged around and jumped on! For Christmas this year, I’ve decided to make one for each of my daughters and my godson. You can make these out of any material you like, but soft fleecy materials are nicer to snuggle up to.


What you need:

  • 1/2 metre flannelette
  • 1/2 metre minky dot fleece
  • Felt for a snake tongue
  • 2 sew on goggle eyes (if the snake is for a child under 2 years of age you may want to sew on felt eyes instead)
  • Toy stuffing or filling
  • Sewing machine


First things first, you’ll need to cut out your fabric pieces. I drew a template on some transparent paper. My snake body sections measured 10 cm by 25 cm. I make the snake body sections a bit wider as I didn’t want to create any strangulation issues, especially as they will probably drape them around their necks. I then drew a rounded head shape, a triangular tail and forked snake tongue.

I alternated my snake body sections by sewing together eight flannelette sections (10 x 25 cm) and eight fleece sections (10 x 25 cm). You can make this snake longer or shorter if you like, but I didn’t want snakes that were longer than two metres.

The tail and head sections were a little trickier. For the tail I cut out two triangles. One of the triangles I then cut straight down the middle, as I wanted to sew a bottom seam to line up with the snake body sections. Sew the three pieces together.

I also cut out two head shapes and again cut one piece straight down the middle. I positioned my felt snake tongue and sewed the three pieces together with felt tongue. Remember to sew your pieces together with the pattern on the inside, as you will need to turn your snake inside out before you stuff it. I also sewed on the goggle eyes now.

Pin the snake body to the tail and head sections and sew a seem down the underneath of the snake. Leave one body section open somewhere in the middle to add the stuffing.

Turn your snake inside out by pulling it gently through the open seam in the middle. Time to stuff! I used a good quality polyester fibre as I wanted to easily wash them in the washing machine and to have them dry quickly. Any parent with special stuffed toys that need frequent washing know all about the importance of quick drying! But if you want to go organic, there are some good quality wool fills available. Note: if washing in a washing machine, I recommend you use a gentle low spin wash cycle on low heat.


Stuff your snake well. Don’t scrimp on the stuffing as they will go flat if there is not a lot of stuffing in them. I finished it off by hand sewing the opening with a simple blanket stitch.


Snuggle time 💕

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