Decorating eggs for Easter – it’s ‘eggciting’

One of my happiest childhood memories is decorating eggs for Easter. It was such a lovely way to get the children together to get creative and display our colourful creations around the house. We used to draw designs on blown eggs with wax crayons and then dye them vibrant colours.

I recently came across an amazing Easter egg tradition in Germany, where a tree is painstakingly adorned each year with 10,000 decorated eggs – you can read more about it here – Volker Kraft Easter Egg Tree. And even though, I would never attempt to decorate this many eggs I do want to start making similar traditions with my children, but as my eldest is only four years old, I’ll have to start with an easy project. My daughter is obsessed with stickers at the moment, so using stickers instead of wax crayons to decorate blown eggs will make it less likely that she’ll crush the fragile eggs!
Items you will need:

  • 12 chicken eggs (white ones are best as they show the colours more, but I could only find brown ones)
  • Pin
  • Straw
  • Bowl to capture the egg insides
  • Food colour dyes
  • Sticker shapes of your choice
  • Separate glasses for each colour dipping
  • White vinegar

First things first, you need to prepare your eggs by blowing out the egg insides. Using a pin (I used a cork board pin), puncture a small hole in the pointy end of the egg. I also used a piece of masking tape to stop the egg shell from cracking. At the other end puncture another hole. Using a wooden skewer, I slowly made the hole larger. Move the skewer around the inside of the egg to break up the yolk to make it easier to blow out. Shake it a little bit to further break up the insides.

Using a straw, blow the egg insides into a bowl. Blow with the larger egg hole at the bottom. Don’t throw away the eggs though; make some delicious egg inspired dishes instead. I made French toast for breakfast and a quiche for dinner. I could of used hard boiled eggs, but it’s still a little bit too warm here and the eggs wouldn’t have lasted long before stinking the house out.

Wash the blown eggs in hot soapy water. In a 150C oven dry the eggs for around ten minutes. Drying the eggs in an oven will strengthen the egg shell. I also left mine to completely dry out overnight.

My daughter and I used some cheap foam stickers in Easter shapes, but they were not very good at sticking properly, so some of the shapes are a bit blurry when the dye seeped under them.

We chose the dye colours aqua, pink, orange and purple (which looks more grey as the eggs were brown). In each glass we added 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar (to help set the dye colours) and 20 drops of food colouring.

Dip the eggs in the glasses, holding them down gently with a spoon to be fully submerged. The longer you leave them to soak, the more darker and intense your colours will be.

Remove the eggs and leave them to dry on paper towels for a few hours. I also left them to dry overnight again.


Display them in an egg basket or even hang them from a tree. This was a lovely simple way to decorate my house this Easter.

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