Deck the halls…it’s Christmas craft time

Hooray it’s finally time to decorate the house for Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas – all those twinkling lights, glittery tinsel, soppy Christmas carols and over the top smaltzy sentimentality. I love it all I just can’t help myself. But now that I have two small children Christmas time is so much more special; it’s about creating family memories to treasure.

I love sharing Christmas joy with my girls and what better way to get them excited than to create some glittery Christmas decorations together. Glitter is cheap, it’s easy to apply and every little girl loves it. Most glitter covered decorations at this time of the year usually involve pine cones or acorns, but in Australia they are not readily available. We do however have a huge eucalyptus gum tree in our front yard which drops a lot of gum nuts, or as we call them, ‘honkey nuts’. Gum nuts are essentially seed pods. As a school kid I remember having lots of gum nut fights with friends and being covered in bruises afterwards. Children are horrible aren’t they?


I have a couple of glass vases with candles I use for table centerpieces and glitter covered gum nuts would look beautiful in them. I also have a couple of wreaths for the front door that could do with some added bling.

What do you need?

  • PVA glue
  • Children’s paint brush to apply the glue
  • Glitter (I chose fine red glitter and course and fine copper glitter)
  • Gum nuts (or your nut/seed pod of choice)
  • Floral wires (to attach the nuts to the wreaths)
  • Newspaper to protect your table and make cleaning up all the glitter after your four year old has thrown it around a bit easier

I decided that my wreaths would look good with some extra red bling, so I wound floral wire around the stem of some gum nuts. I painted on the glue while my four year old applied the red glitter. I left them on the newspaper until they dried then tied the floral wires around the wreath.

For the glass centerpieces, we glued and glittered lots and lots of gum nuts and let them dry before positioning them in the glass vases around the candles. I’m feeling very festive, especially as my house is now covered in glitter…yeah, laying down newspaper was a tad optimistic!

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. I always love making edible gifts for my nearest and dearest and of course I’ll also be busy buying presents for the little ones and trying to hide them around the house. Why don’t you add a little bit of glitter to your festive season.

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  1. you have inspired me,now all I need to do is find where I hid my daughters glitter !!


    1. aseparovic says:

      Hooray 😊have fun trying to clean up all the glitter!

      Liked by 1 person

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