Recovering a Lampshade…its illuminating

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet! I’ve been wanting to update and change my interiors for a while, but a lack of money and small children has me waiting impatiently. So I’ve decided to tinker with the small things, like cushions and lampshades. I don’t really have a style, other than eclectic. Most of my possessions are hand me downs or sentimental purchases, so nothing quite fits together, but I like it that way. I’ll never live in a show home where every item perfectly matches within a colour scheme.

My lampshade is red and blingy, but is looking a bit tired. Besides red used to be my go to colour when I was young and passionate, but I’ve mellowed nowadays so blues and neutrals are more my thing.

The old lampshade
The old lampshade

It’s so easy to refurbish lampshades. My Mum used to update lampshades all the time. You just need to rip off or cut off the existing fabric. Hopefully not too much glue was used, otherwise some force will be required. Unfortunately my old lampshade was in two sections which made it impossible for me to reuse. Most craft shops stock them, so it wasn’t hard to find a replacement frame that didn’t cost too much.

I also bought some light weight upholstery cotton fabric that I liked the look of. With the light on you’ll be able to see the globe. But if you prefer to not see the globe you could always buy a block out curtain fabric instead.

What you need
What you need

What do you need?

  • Fabric (1/2 metre should be plenty)
  • Lampshade frame
  • PVA glue or heat glue gun
  • Pegs…a lot of them
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or binding to hide seams or joins

First cut out the required panel of fabric to cover the frame. My frame was 25cm high, so I cut a 30cm wide panel. You want at least a 2cm extra overlap on either side.

Cut out a panel
Cut out a panel

I used a Tia Maria bottle to hold the frame in place (must I remind you that glueing and alcohol don’t mix people, as tempting as it might be 😜). On one of the side metal spokes, glue the end of the fabric to the frame and peg.


Along the top of the frame, glue the frame and hold over the fabric and peg in place. Work around the top of the frame.

Glue and peg
Glue and peg

Turn over the frame so that you can now glue the fabric to the bottom. As per the top, glue the frame and hold the fabric taunt as you work around. Keep adding pegs. On my frame I had internal spokes at the bottom so I cut the fabric so that I could glue and peg around them.

Cut fabric at internal spoke

Once the fabric has been glued and pegged top and bottom, remove the pegs from the side spoke and glue and attach the fabric to close and form a seam. Cut off any fabric excess. Leave it to dry for a few hours.

Cut off excess fabric
Cut off excess fabric

It’s a nice touch to use a ribbon or binding to cover the side seam and to finish off the lampshade. I like to also add ribbon to the inside of the frame at the bottom, as you will be able to see the glued fabric which can look a bit untidy.

Glue on ribbon to hide seams
Glue on ribbon to hide seams

All done. It looks a bit retro with a 70s feel, but I like it and is a definite improvement on the old red one. Do you have an old tired looking lampshade? You should give this a go. It’s not too fiddly and you can create something unique and special that no one else has seen before.

All done
All done


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  1. jdawgswords says:

    nice lamp…i hope i never get tired of bright colors

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    1. aseparovic says:

      Thank you that’s so kind of you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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