The Frozen Party to end all Frozen Parties

My daughter has just turned four and has a teeny tiny obsession with the movie Frozen…OK I may be underestimating that just a bit…she’s seriously obsessed. I’m not usually into the whole princess Disney thing, but I can endure this movie as it is about the love between two sisters and not some stupid Prince Charming story…yeah, like that’s realistic sweetheart!

Anyway, I agreed to hold a Frozen birthday party with all the trimmings to make her day special…cause she’s special to me…aww 😌

The Cake

My daughter loves my chocolate mud cake with ganache (you can find the recipe here), so that was the basis of her birthday cake. I bought some cheap Elsa, Anna and Olaf figurines ($2 each); a glittery number four and some snowflake cutters.

After I assembled the cake layers (8 inch and 5 inch layers) and covered it in chocolate ganache, I covered both the bottom and top tiers in sky blue fondant. I circled the base of both tiers with a white fondant band and started to cover the cake in snowflake cut outs.


I actually made the snowflakes a week beforehand, so that they could harden (for those of you into cake decorating, I didn’t use tylose powder). I made them in white and pale blues. I added a silver sugar pearl in the centre of the larger sized snowflakes.

Fondant snowflakes
Fondant snowflakes

Adding the snowflakes was easy. I just dabbed the back of each snowflake with glycerine (flower glue), placed them gently on the cake, and they stayed in place thankfully. Into the fridge overnight and then I finished the cake by adding some sparkly edible glitter and four sparklers.



Frozen themed party food

Apart from the usual sausage rolls, sandwiches and fruit platters, I found some cute ideas on Pinterest to add ‘Frozen food’ to the menu. I made frozen hearts by covering strawberries in white chocolate and sprinkles.

Frozen hearts - white chocolate coated strawberries
Frozen hearts – white chocolate coated strawberries

I made Olaf snowballs by coating white marshmallows in white chocolate and more sprinkles.

Olaf snowballs - white chocolate coated marshmallows
Olaf snowballs – white chocolate coated marshmallows

I made Kristoff and Sven sleighs by adding four Smarties to the side of mini Milky Ways and inserting a Tiny Teddy biscuit in the middle. I used melted chocolate to stick the Smarties to the sides. So cute!

Kristoff and Sven sleighs
Kristoff and Sven sleighs

Finally, I make hot chocolate spoons to give away to everyone who came to the party to ‘unfreeze a frozen heart’. Hot chocolate spoons are so easy to make. Just place melted chocolate (I used dark chocolate) in a dessert spoon and sprinkle with a few mini marshmallows or other types of sprinkles. Place them in the fridge for 10 minutes and they are ready to use. Stir them through a small cup of hot milk until the chocolate has fully melted.

Hot chocolate spoons - to unfreeze and frozen heart
Hot chocolate spoons – to unfreeze and frozen heart

Decorations and games

Who knew that a streamer covered trampoline can couple as Queen Elsa’s frozen palace…so convenient and bouncy too!

Trampoline = Elsa's frozen palace
Trampoline = Elsa’s frozen palace!

Instead of the traditional pin the tail on the donkey party game, I made a pin the carrot nose on Olaf game!

Pin the carrot on Olaf
Pin the carrot on Olaf

By adding blue balloons, streamers and pom poms the Frozen themed party was complete.


Princess Miss Four was delighted and had a wonderful time at the party. Thankfully I only need to do this once a year…I’m exhausted.

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