Wildflower Season – spring has finally sprung!

Last Sunday I managed to escape the house and go for a walk in my local reserve to learn about biodiversity in my area and to see the wondrous native flowers in full bloom now that spring has finally sprung! It feels like winter went on forever this year.

Endangered Black Carnaby Parrot
Endangered Black Carnaby Cockatoo – eating gum nuts

The bush reserve is only ten minutes from my house, but since the kids have arrived I haven’t managed to go bush walking like I used to…bush tracks are not pram or stroller friendly after all. Though it’s something I look forward to sharing with them when they are older.

Big Red Kangaroo Paw – the floral emblem of Western Australia

It was so lovely to learn about the plants in my area and to discover how I could help protect the reserve. It is so important to try and educate as many people as possible about the importance of protecting the endangered flora existing right on our doorstep.


Here are some photos from the day so you can see some of the wondrous and spectacular wildflowers. For those of you not living in Australia, our wildflowers can look a bit out of this world. Unfortunately I can’t remember all the common names for the flowers, let alone the Latin terms. Enjoy!






Blue lady orchid


Yellow Wattle – they remind me of mini fluffy pom poms
Rare native orchid
Rare native orchid
Pincushion Cone Flower (Protea family)
Pincushion Cone Flower (Protea family)

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  1. Kentucky Angel says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful. So different from this climate, where we are beginning to feel like Autumn is coming. And the sooner the better for me, as long as the winter is not as harsh as last year. I really don’t know why I care though, because I don’t have to get out unless I want to, but I hate feeling as if I’m being held prisoner of the weather.


    1. aseparovic says:

      Thank you Angie! I hope your autumn and winter are not too bad this year. I felt like I was a prisoner in my house this winter. With 2 small kids, trying to get out and about was awful. Looking forward to warmer weather and glorious sunshine 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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