Frozen Banana Ice Cream

Saturday nights at our place are usually low key…especially as we have two kids under four years. We treat ourselves to a relaxing dinner followed by a homemade dessert and snuggle down on the lounge watching a kids movie.

Last Saturday we had a BBQ of grilled chicken and corn with a Greek salad (yes, even in the middle of winter, Australians will still venture outside to cook a BBQ!). For dessert we had some delicious homemade frozen banana ice cream with an ice cream sprinkle bar.

The night before I sliced up four small bananas and froze them in the freezer. This is a really good way to store ripened bananas before they go bad. It’s not very often that we have surplus bananas in our house though.

To make this ice cream simply blitz the frozen bananas in a food processor until it goes creamy and softens. You can serve it straight away, or add different fruits or flavours. Unfortunately I don’t have a food processor, as mine died a few years ago (note to hubby – a food processor would make an excellent Xmas gift!). So I had to resort to using my stick blender with bowl attachment, which is great for baby food, but hopeless at anything requiring oomph.

As there was no way that my blender was going to blitz frozen banana, I made a half frozen banana and half vanilla ice cream combination. It still had a hard time and got a bit hot…thankfully it didn’t blow up!


I made two different flavours. Banana and blueberry and banana and Nutella. My ice cream bar sprinkles included sliced strawberries and blueberries, roughly chopped roasted hazelnuts and chopped dark chocolate.

Ice cream sprinkles bar
Ice cream sprinkles bar

Yummy and not too naughty 😉

Banana and blueberry ice cream
Banana and blueberry ice cream
Banana and Nutella ice cream
Banana and Nutella ice cream

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  1. Looks really good! I’ll def try it sometime! Thanks for sharing =)

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