Button cushions…the obsession continues

It looks like my button obsession continues. Last month I made some framed button monograms for my daughter’s rooms. Now I’ve decided to make some button art on fabric and make them into cushions. Miss Three wanted a love heart and Miss Seven Months is getting a duck.

Firstly, I went to the nearest fabric megastore, and bought some taupe Indian cotton, two cushion inserts (36cm x 36cm) and some white cambric lace. As the cushions are 36cm/14 in squares, I cut out two 40cm fabric squares.


My drawing skills are not great so please don’t laugh at my attempt at freehand drawing! I could of printed off outlines from the computer, but I wanted something a bit quirky and original. After cutting out the outlines and pinning them on the fabric, I drew around the shapes with pencil.



Button time! I really should have stretched the fabric in an embroidery or quilting hoop, as it would of made positioning and sewing the buttons on a lot easier, but I don’t have one.



Once the button art was finished, I prepared two panels for each cushion back. I overlapped the back panels by around 10cm so that the cushion insert could be put in the cushion but that it didn’t gape open. I could of added a button hole and finished it with a button to keep the back closed I guess.

DSCN7844 - Copy


I sewed a hem for each panel and then positioned the lace and back and front panels to pin and sew up. Don’t forget you need to sew it inside out!



After sewing I turned it inside out and inserted the cushion. They look cute! I think I’ll make a monogram button cushion for the grown ups bedroom next.



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