It’s superhero time! making capes for little heroes

My daughter recently decided that she is a superhero! Her powers can include, but are not limited to; flying, going really really fast, turning things in to ice, helping others and super drawing (I’m not sure what that is). To appease her need to transform herself in to an amazing superhero, I’ve decided to make her a cape. At the local fabric megastore, Miss Three spied a lovely blue gauze covered in glittery snow flakes. The fabric perfectly coincides with her Frozen obsession (please tell me when will it END!). So now she can be a superhero and Queen Elsa at the same time. Though I think I’ll live to regret having the glitter all over the house.


I’ve kept this really simple, as I’m not a confident sewer and I didn’t have a pattern to guide me, so I just did my own thing. I brought 1 metre, but I cut it in half to make a long rectangle, as it was too big. We definitely don’t need a Madonna falling down the stairs moment!


I pinned and sewed a hem along all the edges. I then folded over one of the short sided ends to make a loop for some ribbon to tie around her neck. I threaded through some white ribbon I had left from another project. The trick to threading the ribbon through was to use a safety pin at one end and slowly thread it through. It’s a lot easier than trying to get it through without it. I scrunched up the material and sewed the ribbon at both ends to the fabric so it couldn’t be removed. Voilà


One happy little superhero! And with the other half, I think a twirly skirt may be in order.




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