Delusions of holiday grandeur!

Our family has just returned from our annual beach holiday. A relatively easy road trip down south to a region filled with gorgeous grape vine covered hills, wineries, restaurants and other gourmet food delicacies and sandy empty beaches. It sounds divine doesn’t it?

Unfortunately our getaway didn’t quite go according to plan. And in hindsight, I think we were a tad over ambitious as to what we could achieve with a six month old in attendance. Usually our six month old is relatively calm and easy going, but she has just starting eating solids and unfortunately it created a digestive issue. I’ll spare you the details. Needless to say she was miserable and let us know it.  (Babies digestive systems are a serious design flaw…I’d also include the whole teeth and teething experience too!) She also disliked sleeping in the portable cot we borrowed, so the combination of a tired and constipated baby did not bode well for a fun filled and harmonious holiday!

The end result was sleep deprivation for all, snappy and frustrated adults and grumpy children…ahh you have to love the lengths families go to to create happy family memories. What are the lessons to be learnt?…I would probably suggest that you don’t go on a holiday with a baby! The stress of all the packing, getting them to sleep in unfamiliar environments and trying to keep everyone happy is completely pointless. To maintain the collective family sanity (if there is such a thing) the best thing is to stay home, potter in the garden, go to the zoo, or catch a movie. If you are someone who can travel with a baby and still function rationally I applaud you. Unfortunately I’m not one of them.

Oh well, maybe next year will be easier? Dare I even suggest there will be a next year! At least miss three year old enjoyed herself 😊

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