The simple things in life

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that simple everyday occurrences can bring us the most joy and meaning in our lives. We too often focus on the negative and the seemingly unrelenting tediousness of our existence.

Yesterday it rained for the first time in three months. Admittedly it was still warm, humid and sticky, but the smell of rain hitting scorched earth is truly wonderful. Its musty earthiness is divine. It has broken what felt like a never ending drought; the birds rejoice and the plants unfurl their leaves to soak up the bountiful water. Perfection.


Watching sleeping babes is also another wondrous everyday experience. Not in some creepy stalking way mind you, but in the wonder of their existence; how they came to be, how they are shaped and formed. I love watching their little chests move slowly up and down with each precious breathe. They are totally awe inspiring creations. Of course, I may only think this because they are finally asleep after two hours of arguing over going to bed, wrestling them to have a bath and to brush their teeth…so it could just be relief mixed with exhaustion?


I recently was stuck in traffic on a busy highway and noticed a goat grazing on the side of the road, completely ignorant of  its imminent danger or the fact that it appears out of place in a bustling city. I laughed out loud! That blessed goat put a smile on my face and made my day. Unfortunately it was gone on my return trip…where does it live? And does anyone own it?

A few weeks ago a delightful praying mantis entertained our family through the lounge room window for at least thirty minutes. After peels of squeeling from my three year old, a quick succession of questions followed, “where did it come from?”, “what does it do?”, “why is it green?”. The seemingly never ending curiosity of a child is delightful. They view the world as a new and wondrous place. I often wish I could still view the world this way.


So if your day was particularly stressful today, take time to reflect a little. Try to remember what happened during your day that made you smile or feel glad. Be thankful for the small insignificant events that show that you are alive and that the beauty in this world is easy to see if you only take the time to look.

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