Huxley: the perfect cat-dog that ever was

Last week I tragically had to put down my beloved cat Huxley, after fifteen and a half wonderful years together. She was a faithful friend and companion and her absence has left an awful whole in our lives. She wasn’t a normal cat, and as I’m not really a cat person, that worked well. I liked to call her cat-dog after a kids cartoon that used to be around. She always followed me around the house and not just for food; she’d wait at the window for me to come home from work; she’d lick me incessantly for hours if I’d let her. She craved human interaction and I adored her for it.


I rescued Huxley when I was twenty four years old, a lifetime ago now. Her litter was found in a tree hollow in the bush and was transferred to the Swan Cat Haven. I named her after, no not Aldous Huxley the author, but his grandfather, Thomas Henry Huxley, who was a major supporter of Charles Darwin…yes, I’m a nerd, I know that already! She has been there for me through all the heartache and the joy of my adult life. The comforter of disastrous romances in my twenties, when I’d drink a bottle of wine and cuddle her watching crappy romance movies, blubbering away. To the joy of settling down and having my girls. She was always gentle with everyone, even when my girls were loud and a bit rough with her.


She definitely used up her nine lives though. When she was still only little, I once came home from work to find her dangling by her collar from a tree branch in the back yard…she was lucky that day. Though the very worst accident/near death experience occurred two days before my wedding when she was eight years old. She always loved curling up in dark warm places and therefore decided that our neighbours car engine was the perfect place for a nap…needless to say she was wrong! Miraculously she survived, but lost a part of her bottom jaw and nearly lost a rear leg. They told me then that she probably wouldn’t last very long, due to her injuries. To spite the vet she flourished and endured, though she had a very endearing feature of hanging out her tongue, as her jaw didn’t keep it inside her mouth. Though towards the end the arthritis in her back legs bothered her a lot.


I’ll miss her companionship and warmth. She was a gentle furry friend, who loved to be scratched behind the ear and on her tummy. Who loved eating popcorn and was hopeless at attacking anything larger than a lizard…that was a good thing! She had an intense green eyed gaze which always showed her displeasure when being shoved outside. Huxley was the best cat I’ve ever met, and because of her, I would contemplate getting another cat in the future, though none could ever replace my beloved cat-dog.

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