The 5am feed

I thought for my first post for this blog, I’d write about something innocuous and benign.

It’s amazing what you notice when feeding a four month old baby at 5am. The first rays of summer morning light stream through the venetian blinds highlighting things you wouldn’t notice in full daylight. Like the balls of fluff under a chest of drawers in the hallway. From where I’m sitting, I can see down the hallway to an accumulation of dust I’ve never noticed before. Since we moved in six years ago, I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned under it, and to be perfectly honest, I probably won’t clean it for a long time yet.

As the light increases, I notice other items have found refuge under the chest of drawers. A number of plastic balls from a play pit I bought my eldest daughter two years ago. The idea of a play pit full of plastic balls sounds like a great idea but the reality is that the balls never stay in the pit for long. My daughter loved to throw them around the room and roll them under furniture. Four of these balls have obviously been hid by my gleeful daughter and their existence have long been forgotten. There’s a red, orange and two yellow ones. I feel sorry for their abandonment and feel that they long to be played with again. Like the balls of dust, I probably won’t get round to retrieving them anytime soon. As the daylight grows, the house inhabitants awake and the busy madness of the day begins. Balls of fluff and plastic play balls will get forgotten until tomorrow mornings 5am feed.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Lovely to catch up with you for lunch today Amy and I have really enjoyed reading about your joys, trials and tribulations in your blog – well done. Michelle xx


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